Saturday, June 8, 2013


Wess Stafford said recently "Older children are at an age when they desperately need someone to believe in them. They are often overlooked and forgotten. Imagine trying to survive those difficult years of growing up and facing extreme poverty — all at the same time."  It indeed must be very difficult.

That is why I am advocating for two girls 10+ (they are considered "older" children).  And this sweet girl is 12.  

Doreen (ug4001119)
Birthday: January 14, 2001
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
Program: Ntinda Child Development Center

Personal and Family Information:

Hello! My name is Doreen. I live in the beautiful country of Uganda. I live in the lowlands of Ntinda. It is north of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. I live with my grandma and sibling. My grandma does her best to find work as a laborer, but even when she can find it, $21 a month does not cover the cost of living. When my grandma is gone, I help her by carrying water, buying and selling in the market, and caring for my younger sibling. It is hard work, but I like to help my family. While I work, I sing sometimes. In my free time or at the project, I enjoy playing games like ping pong and jacks.

Because of Compassion, I can go to primary school. I am doing well. You would be proud of me. I am above average. I love learning! I want to be a good leader in my community. I share what I learn with others so that they may benefit from my opportunities. Lugandan is spoken by people near me, but I am learning English at school! Compassion also provides me with Bible studies, health screenings, games, birthday celebrations (sometimes sponsored children get cards! No body in Uganda send cards because they are expensive and a waste of money.), home visits, community service opportunities, educational field trips, career guidance, and life skills training. I am glad because Compassion gives me opportunities to overcome poverty!

I get a snack at my project. Sometimes it is maize, beans, fish, cassava, matooke (steamed green plantains), bananas, or groundnuts. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, skin rashes, dental decay, eye infections, and candidiasis (fungal infection) are common in my area. But, Compassion helps me stay healthy.

Please pray for me. I am waiting for a sponsor. If you sponsor me, I will be soo happy! I might even sing and dance out of joy! Then I will write you letters and pray for you. I will tell my family and friends about you. I live in poverty, but your support will help me overcome poverty. Thank you for reading my story. I love you already. God bless you!

If you would like to sponsor her, e-mail me at  If you sponsor her, I will send you a free bracelet with a bead from Uganda on it!


  1. I hope that Doreen is sponsored soon!!!

  2. Ahhhh... She looks so sweet! Unfortunately I can't help out! Thankfully God knows her need! May someone sponsor her soon!,

    1. Yep, God knows what she needs and He knows who will be the perfect sponsor for her. So I will do my best to find a sponsor for Doreen, and trust God for the rest! :)

  3. Such a sweetheart. I actually emailed Compassion about 3 weeks ago and said that I wanted to advocate for age 10+ too haha.

    1. Thanks! That's funny :) I guess Wess has us all dedicated to the 10+ :)