Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Save a life!!

You might remember my post asking for prayer for the children in Honduras.  I have been able to see an update on this on OurCompassion, that I want to share with you.

This is what Kathy found out, "I sent an inquiry to Compassion. We got a reply from the pastor of HO-355. He said that Eduar and the other children of HO-355 have good reason to be afraid. The neighborhood is extremely dangerous. He said that there are two rival gangs at war with each other in that neighborhood and the bullets literally fly day and night. He said the danger to the children is very real, especially when they are walking to/from the project."

Sadly, these childrens lives are in real danger. There is some good new though- you can help them!! If we all come together, the project could purchase a micro-bus to safely transport the children to and from the project. It costs $15,000 USD to be able to buy that. Yes, that is a lot of money, but we can do it!

Please help these precious kids and donate any amount that you can. You can donate any amount up to $2,000. Either call Compassion (800-336-7676) or e-mail them (if you have a credit card on file) to donate. Make sure to say that your gift is to help provide transportation for the children at HO355.

As Kathy says, "Please, if you can, send any amount you can spare for a project gift for HO-355 for transportation for the children. It may save a child's life and it will help all the kids feel a little safer. Thank you so much!"

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