Sunday, April 21, 2013

On This April 21

Hundreds have been waiting for this day, preparing for it, praying about it.  Thousands of children have been waiting for this day, anticipating, hoping, longing.

Today is Compassion Sunday.

For this national event, hundreds of people will be sharing their passion for Compassion with their church.  Excited and nervous, these sponsors will talk about Compassion's ministry and their sponsored children across the world.

It is expected that 10,000 children will be sponsored because of this day.  This is the day that the children have been waiting for.  No, they don't know it is Compassion Sunday.  But they are waiting for a sponsor.  They are waiting for hope and encouragement.  They are waiting to be chosen.  Today, many will be chosen.

Today, lives will be changed.  New sponsors will come to love a child they don't yet know.  They will trust God for the finances, and He will provide faithfully.  They will be rewarded and blessed in the months to come when they walk to their mail box and find that first cream colored envelop.  They will read the words of their child far away.

Today, these newly sponsored children's lives will be changed.  They will find hope and encouragement in their sponsor's letters.  They will find love and assurance.  They will begin to know that they are important and special.  Yes, they will know that they are loved by the King.

Join thousands of others and be a part of Compassion Sunday.  Sponsor a child.

You can change another story

Sponsor Yadira Today!


Child ID: PE3420489
Age: 5
DOB: 4/4/2008


And I want to wish you, dear Kartini, a very special tenth birthday!  Many blessings to you, my little angel :)

my first little Compassion girl

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