Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reyna and Willy

As an Advocate for Compassion, I get some cool opportunities.  One of my favorites things is to connect a child with his/her sponsor.  I just got two child packets in the mail the other day, and I have just under a month to find a sponsor for each one of the precious kids.

First, there is Reyna from the Dominican Republic (DR495).  She had her fourth birthday on January 21.  Reyna lives with her dad, mom, and five siblings.  Her dad works as a laborer when he can find work, and her mom takes care of the home.  Reyna helps her mom by cleaning, running errands, and helping in the kitchen.

Reyna lives on the plains of Las Flores, near San Cristobal.  Most people there eat beans and rice.  She speaks Spanish, and her center provides her with Bible teaching, nutritious food, sports competitions, medical attention, health education, tutoring, and school uniforms.  

If you would like to change Reyna's life or know more about her, please e-mail me at

Willy lives in Tanzania (TZ825).  He is six years old.  Willy's birthday is September 1.  His mom and dad are sometimes employed as farmers, earning about $18 each a month.  He helps his family by running errands.  Willy has six siblings.  

He lives on the plains of Oldonyosambu Community, near Arusha.  The main ethnic groups are Maasai and Waarusha.  The diet includes maize, beans, and goat.  Malaria is a common illness there.  Because of Compassion, Willy will be protected from malaria and treated if he get it.  His center provides Bible teaching, health screening, medical treatment, educational field trips, sports, picnics, educational materials, school uniforms, and remedial classes.  

If you would like to make an eternal impact on Willy or know more about him, please e-mail me at lizzie4compassion@gmail 

If you decide to sponsor one of these precious children, I will send you a free bracelet with a bead from either the Dominican Republic or Tanzania.  

Even though you may not be able to sponsor Reyna or Willy, will you please pray for them and their sponsors?


  1. What precious little ones! I will be praying for them to find sponsors soon. Do you have any posts about being an advocate? I have been considering making that commitment official (I feel like an unofficial advocate since I'm always sharing with friends about my kids, and kids who need sponsors.) I would like to know a little more about what it really means, being an advocate, from someone who officially holds that title!

    1. Thanks, Jessi!! :)

      No, I don't have any posts about advocacy now (perhaps I will do advocacy April), however I would love to chat about it. Just shoot me an e-mail at :)

  2. Praying for Willy and Reyna! They are both adorable. Hopefully they will find wonderful sponsors who will write them lots of letters and shower them with love!

    1. Thanks! I also pray that they will get sponsors who will write them and love them lots!! :)

  3. They are precious!! I will be praying for them! I hope they're sponsored soon!!