Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Which Compassion Reveals the President-Elect

Yesterday I had the most amazing opportunity.  I got to watch Compassion's chapel service LIVE.  Wess Stafford (President) and Karen Wesolowski (Chair) introduced the new Compassion president-elect!

To be honest, I was sad about Wess Stafford retiring and even a bit worried.  But my goodness, I had no reason to be!  I should have known that Wess Stafford would pick the right person and of course, how could it go wrong when we were all praying about it?

Anyway, do you remember Bizzy?  (If not, you can read her story HERE)  Well, her father is going to be the new Compassion president!!  Please welcome Santiago (Jim) Mellado to Compassion!  

Here are some things I have learned about the new president-elect that I know will make him perfect for the job-  
As you might know, he was the president of Willow Creek Association.  He was born in El Salvador and lived in seven countries when he was growing up.  The ones that Compassion works in- El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia, Bolivia, and the Philippines.  Whenever he moved, his family always plugged right into a church.  His mom always was helping the poor, as was Jim.  About twenty years ago, Jim and Wess roomed together at a conference (I think) for young leaders.  Their love for Jesus and the Church brought them close together, and they often spent nights talking about their ministries, Willow Creek Association and Compassion respectively.  

Wess said that he didn't have to do the huge search for president like he did, he could have just chosen Jim.  It was really cool to hear about how God worked it all out.

I believe that Jim will be a great president and leader for Compassion.  I know his heart is the heart of Compassion too, and I really can't wait to see where God takes Compassion in the next bit.  I am sure that we will come to love him as we have Wess.

On September 14 (the next global chapel with the country leaders and such), he will officially become Compassion's president!

You can read his bio HERE or watch the recorded chapel HERE.  

In honor of this announcement, Jill is hosting a giveaway of Wess Stafford's book!  You can check that out HERE.

Will you join me in prayer for both Wess Stafford and Santiago (Jim) Mellado as this change takes place?

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