Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dear friends,

I received some negative comments on my last post.  I don't mind if others have different opinions than I do, but I do mind if they share them in a way that is hurtful.

I got all my info from here-  I apologize for some incorrect information I gave.  I said that 86% of Ethiopians have HIV/AIDS.  I did the math from the numbers I had (population and number of people with HIV/AIDS), but I did it incorrectly.  It is actually about one percent.  Oops, I am not so good at math! ;)  Sorry for the misleading information.

I realize that not all Ethiopians are poor, but I also know that there is poverty there.  I did not mean to put down or say anything negative about Ethiopians.  I only wanted to say how happy I was that I get to write to Abdisa.

As I said before, I love to learn about Ethiopia.  If you can share what you know about that country in a pleasant and courteous way, I would love to hear what you have to say.  Any hurtful or nasty comments will be removed.

Thank you!
Lizzie :)


  1. Lizzie-- I have been following this blog for some time :

    It is written by a couple that are working on adopting through Ethiopia, so a lot of info on Ethiopia is there. They also sponsor one or two kids there. I'm not sure which projects, but it might be interesting! :-) I hope you find some info on there. :-)

    1. That looks like a great blog. I love her Etsy shop (I found it a while ago). I am definitely going to check it out more. thanks for sharing it! :)