Friday, February 8, 2013

Abdisa from Ethiopia

Please welcome Abdisa from Ethiopia to my Compassion family!!  He is my ninth correspondent.  Compassion assigned him to me on Monday.  I literally freaked out when I saw him on my account.  I am soo excited to get to know this precious child of God!

Abdisa's current photo

Abdisa's previous photo

Abdisa is my first child from Africa.  He lives in Ethiopia.  He will be 13 on May 22.  Abdisa lives with his dad, mom, brother, and sister.  His dad plasters walls with mud, and his mom is a hair dresser.  Abdisa is in seventh grade, where his performance is above average!  (I am already so proud of him!  Many children in Ethiopia have to help earn money and don't do well in school.)

His center (Omi Hane Berhane Wongel Church Student Center ET805) provides Abdisa with Bible teaching, health screening, hygiene and health education, clothing, field trips, recreational activities, tuition, life skills training and counseling. The center staff will also provide health education, evangelism and HIV awareness programs for his parents.

I was able to read a letter from his pastor on OurCompassion.  I thought you might enjoy reading it (I bolded some parts that I thought were very sweet!)-

Dear Sponsor, 
Greetings from Omi Hanne, Ethiopia. The Lord's grace and peace abound for you.

Please read 2 Corinthians 9:10-12. Your generous action toward your Compassion-sponsored child is a cause for thanksgiving to the Lord. We are grateful for your kind support for your sponsored child.

My name is Negessu Ebba, a pastor for Omi Hanne Berhane Wongel Church and coordinator of a fellowship of seven local churches. I am married and father of six children. I am responsible for praying, teaching and visiting children of our Compassion Child Sponsorship Program at the Omi Hanne Berhane Wongel Church Child Development Center in Tikur Enchini town. 
It has been two years since the center started with 249 children. The center has become a means for witnessing the gospel for children and guardians. Many children are filled with the Holy Spirit and also freed from evil spirits.

Children who have been affected with various diseases have got an opportunity to get referral to higher hospitals and escaped death. 
In rural areas, children do not get attention or protected. As the result, children often die under five years of age. They are not often protected from fire, latrines, flood and sharp materials. On the other hand, the center being able to teach guardians in this regard has saved many children from dangers. Ever since the center started, more than 54 persons have come to the Lord because of their children. In turn, those have brought 16 people to Christ. 
Guardians are often taught about personal and environmental hygiene, and also get vocational skills trainings. Though food shortage, lack of potable water, orphan hood, HIV/AIDS, TB, etc. are challenges, the center in our church through Compassion assistance could intervene by using trained manpower in spiritual and socio-emotional areas. As the result, lives of many children has changed. The children are being released from holistic poverty and becoming responsible citizens. 
The community has benefited from the center since lives of many poor people is changed due to medical support and food delivery. Children's lives are changed due to school supports. 
God bless you, the other sponsors and Compassion Ethiopia for being a means in rearing children in orderly fashion and in God's Word. 
As you are praying both for our church and children, we also pray for children ministry fervently. We thank you and say God bless your ministry to your sponsored child. "The God of heaven will give us success" (Nehemiah 2:20, NIV). 
Negessu Ebba
(Written in 2011)
Change a life!
Lizzie :)


  1. Welcome Abdisa! It's always so exciting to get new family members :)

  2. :O wow! 9 correspondent kids! amazing! how do you find the time?

    1. Well, my one boy moved away from the project and I sponsor two kids- so I actually write 10 :) It's pretty easy to find the time for the online letters, and on the weekends I write hand written letters. Sometimes it is hard to find the time, but it is soo worth it! :)

  3. How exciting!!! Enjoy writing!!

    1. Thanks! I will enjoy writing him! :)

  4. I just love the pastor letter! And I'm so happy you have a child from Africa!!!!:)

    1. Thanks!! I love the letter too. It really gives more info about the project and how they're helping the community :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the pastor letter! 9 correspondent kids!! So many! That is amazing!

    1. Sure. I love reading the pastor letters! Thanks for commenting :)