Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet Joo, a Child Survival Program mom

"As a young girl in Thailand, Joo lived in a refugee camp with her family. The conditions were dire and the young girl worked as a day laborer to help her family. Instead of carrying a school bag, Joo hoisted a woven basket on her shoulder while she sprinkled soya bean seeds in a Thai farmer’s field.

"In 2005, Joo married a man and moved away to live in his hometown, located on the border between Thailand and Burma. When Joo’s firstborn son, Krisada, came into this world, the girl was rattled."

continue reading Joo's story HERE.

In three months, nine hundred and nine moms and caregivers gave their lives to Jesus because of the Child Survival Program.  That is just plain awesome!!  

If you would like to make a life-changing gift to a CSP, please visit HERE.  There you can read stories of how the CSPs have changed lives and how the CSP provides for moms and babies in poverty.  I really encourage you to head on over there.  It is so encouraging to see lives being changed by the Gospel.

Save a life!
Lizzie :)

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