Monday, December 2, 2013

Mail Call!

I was looking over the letters I have to send to all my kiddos.  I have written 8 of 11 letters so far, and I was amazed to see that all the letters I wrote were reply letters!  That means in the past month or month-and-a-half, I got 8 letters plus 3 that I haven't responded to yet!  Abdisa, Aprila, and Lucie have each written me twice in the past two months.  While it's been kinda quiet on here letter-wise, I have gotten quite a few, just hadn't had the time to share them all.

Here are the two letters I got last week :)

This week, I got a letter from Aruna!  So exciting :)  Instead of writing as she usually does in Tamil, she wrote it in English!  I was so thrilled!

Aruna is 15 and lives in India.  She tells me that she got good grades on her annual exams and that she is now in grade 9.  She also shared that her project had a picnic day and that they went to see a water dam.  Her project gave her a uniform for school, and through her project, she is growing mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Aruna celebrated Indian Independence Day and Friendship Day in August.  She said that she is very happy to have been chosen by me and that she likes to see her name on the letters I send to her.  She ends saying that she is praying for me.

I also got a letter from my Lucie last week.  She is 17 and lives in Haiti.  She told me about her parents and her siblings.  She also said that she is working very hard in school so that she will do well on the exams.  I was so happy to hear from her again, as I got a letter from her just a little bit ago!

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Lizzie :)


  1. That's wonderful that you received so many letters this month!!! What a fun month. I love when most of my outgoing letters are replies! Aruna sounds like such a sweet young lady. And how fun that you learned some more about Lucie's family!

    1. Thanks. I am quite happy too :) I agree, Aruna is a sweet young lady!